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About Us

Packaging with a Twist

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Our Story

Stoney Creek Glass is a 30 year old family business that started with a simple idea; provide the beverage industry products that are unique and trustworthy.  Over the years we have developed a catalogue that has the highest levels of quality, function and reliability that arrive directly from manufacturers throughout Europe and North America.

We have learned throughout the years not only what looks good, but the technicality behind each product we offer.  Our goal is to align ourselves with our partners not only to provide an excellent product but also support in the good times and in the bad.  

Whether you are a start-up or a well established (family or otherwise) business, we offer you our commitment to provide you with the best products that work for your business structure. 

Our services include:

  • Bulk and/or Package items on 99% of our catalogue

  • Full colour printing (minimums required)

  • 1 colour logo (no minimums, some size restrictions)

  • Several levels of carbonation-safe bottles (beer, sparking, cider etc)

  • Custom packaging

  • Brokered Provincial, Inter-Provincial and Cross Border Transportation

  • Local deliveries

  • Annual Forecast reservations

  • Unique Glassware, alliance partner glassware printing

  • Bottle/Packaging Consultations

As a small business with family roots, we have learned from experience.  Experience has taught us to listen to our partners, to evolve as they do without compromising on service and quality.  Our commitment is as such, provide our partners with the most effective method of packaging and to keep looking forward.

Meet The Team

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