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Feature Product

something outstanding. something new. something innovative.  


Ahh the Teku . 

Truth be told when first introduced to the Teku, I passed it off as a fad, a trend and fluff that would never catch.  Silly mortal that I am.
After many years of providing Teku in our catalogue a Rastal Rep gave me a much needed lesson in sensory, 
manufacturing and design of the Teku and I became a follower.  Cult-like if you will. 

There isn't much to be said that hasn't been already said.  The story has been told.  The Teku was designed for the sole purpose to surpass any glass in style, function and appearance.  

This stiff looking chalice shape is simply the smoke and mirrors to the main event.  The moment liquid hits the palatte the Teku goes to work. Providing a wider berth for your beer, cider, wine (or cocktail) to hit the tongue; all sections of the palatte ignited at the same time.  

Want to accentuate the smokiness of a porter?  


Want to bring out the sweetness of the hidden fruit of a cider?  


Enhance the sour in a gose?




Take a bow Teku.  You deserve it.

Written by: Valeria Venegas,

(a fan favourite and )Vice President, Stoney Creek Glass

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