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Bring your vision to life on glass


We specialize in printing directly on glass products. Glassware, glass bottles, cosmetic containers and food jars are some of the substrates we can print on in various shapes and sizes!
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Our in house printing centre is capable of printing both using screen and pad printing processes. Both of these options offer high detail and quality of print. Once you submit your design and your chosen glass, our printers assess your project and decide which process will best match your idea. Take a look below to learn more about it!


Pad Printing

This process involves the use of specialized polymer or metal plates that is etched with your artwork. Silicone pads press against the plate, which has been charged with ink, and then transfers that ink onto the glass. Pad printing is excellent for distinctly shaped glasses.

Screen Printing

Rather than use a plate, this process involves your image being transferred onto a fine silkscreen mesh. Ink is put onto the screen and run through the open parts of the mesh (your image) with a squeegee. This process is great for longer images on glassware such as bottles, or for glassware that is particularly straight and circular.