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Sparkling Bottle Services

Account Manager Consultation:
Have a chat with one of our Account Managers.  Our Account Managers know what's what.  From bottle strength, packaging recommendations and even offering assistance in delivery services - you can rest assured that you will have an outcome that matched your expectations.

Packaging Services:
All our beer bottles arrive from Europe on what we refer to as "Bulk Pallets".  A pallet full of bottles and no boxes.  This may not jive with y our business structure.  Thus our packaging service gives you the flexibility of having your bottles sent to you packaged in 6, 12 and 24 pack cases.  

Printing Services:
Our in-house box printer provides 1 colour, two sided logos! 
With no minimum order, and your brand messaging goes further.
With a maximum print size of 3" X 7", words, logos, bar codes or images can be  placed on the length wide

Send us a logo and we will offer you a proposal to maximize the space available.  

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