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Wine Bottle Services



Account Manager Consultation:

Our Account Managers know what's what. 

From bottle strength, packaging recommendations and even offering assistance in delivery services - you can rest assured that you will have an outcome that matches your expectations.


Bulk Pallet Services:


All of our bottles arrive in Bulk Pallets.  This flexibility allows for the customization of your purchase. 

Take the bottles now and the boxes can come later!  

Using some bottles for transport, but the rest will stay on the shelf?  Not a problem,  combine bulk or packaged or just have some boxes sent on the side.  The choice is yours!

Packaging Services

Stoney Creek Glass has a state of the art automated packaging facility.  This new innovation allows the customer to have more options and more control over their packaged cases.  Select from 6, 12 or 24 pack boxes in kraft of white.  Our palletizing system can stack pallets from 1 - 7 layers depending on your needs. 


Don't forget to save those Pallet Tags!

Each pallet is tracked with our lot tracking system.  This gives us the ability to follow the life cycle of every bottle we sel.  From its inception as ingredients from a European manufacturing plant, to individual assembly in our Ontario facility to final transport and delivery of your warehouse.  Each step is closely monitored to ensure quality and traceability.  



Bring your cases to life by utilizing our case printing services.  The marketing real estate on a case of wine can be maximized to fit your brand and budget and ensure that your message travels with your product.  

Full Coverage and Multi-Colour Print Cases:

If you have a full colour design in mind, work with us and our box manufacturers to have your concept brought to life.  From full colour-coverage to multi colour designs we can ensure that the case works for you.  Minimum order quantities start at 5,000 cases (per design per case size) with a lead time of only 3 weeks prior to delivery expectation.

In-House Single Colour Print:

Our in-house box printer provides 1 colour, two sided logos!


With no minimum order, and your brand messaging goes further.


Fit your logo or brand imaging on a print size of 3" X 7". 


Words, logos, bar codes or images can be  placed on the length side of any case.


Send us a logo and we will offer you a proposal to maximize the space available for each of your box sizes.


When it comes to created a customized bottle, we have the information to take you to the next level.

Emboss: Emboss design is the act of placing a customized 3-dimensional design onto an existing bottle.  This emboss design can be placed on any part of the bottle below the finish. 

Estimated Cost for Emboss: 10,000USD - 15,000USD (one time cost)

Minimum Order Quantity: 30,000 - 400,000pcs (quantity depends on manufacturing plant and machines being used)

Full Custom Design: A full custom exclusive design is a more complex process.  This is the creation of a new bottle.  Taking into account the size, colour and function - a full custom design can have a logo embossed on the bottom, a custom colour and shape.

Design Process: 2-4 weeks, depending on intricacies of the design

Samples: 2 - 4 weeks (after design approval)

Manufacture: 2-6 weeks (after sample approvals and production alignment)

Delivery (4 weeks after manufacture)

Estimated Cost: 30,000USD - 60,000USD

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 full week of production (150,000-700,000pcs) depending on size of bottle and manufacturing machine availability.

Custom Bottle Design

Case Printing Services

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