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2023 Outlook

October 31, 2022

What a year it has been.  From battling COVID and all its challenges to battling the new reality of the global economy, which in some ways looked smaller and in other ways larger than before. 


Presented with new challenges of less supply and increasing costs, Stoney Creek Glass has spent the better part of 2022 ensuring that our customers felt as little interruption to their expectations.  However, we realized early on that the only way to combat the ever growing challenges of supply we had to introduce new manufacturers.  Applying our strict codes of quality and expectations for glass manufacturing we have slowly joined forces with 3 new manufacturers in Europe, each with its own specializations and strengths.  

Our customers can rest assured that in 2023 we will not only have the supply but new products will appear in our catalogues as early as January of 2023.


In order to organize our customers expectations we have created a 3 level quality tier for all customers to follow.  Our Ecova line, inspired by the Verallia line of Eco lightweight bottles, will cover our lightweight bottles.  Anything under 420g will fall under the Ecova Line.  These are bottles that have stood the test of time and have been improvised over the years offering you the security of not only an eco-friendly glass but also the strength and endurance expected by all.

Our second tier is our Vintages line.  This line encompasses bottles from 421g - 649g.  Our bottles are taller, deeper punts, tapered bottoms and the Verallia VEO finishes.  (for more on VEO finishes click here).  Each bottle has been carefully selected to represent a wine with style and unassuming elegance.

Our final tier is the RESERVE line.  If the Vintage line is unassuming, the Reserve line imposes elegance, style and leaves no room for questioning.  Heavy bottles from 650g - 1kg.  Deep punts are de-rigiuer and the colours range from Extra-Flint to an almost black Green. The sleek new looks in the RESERVE line will command attention.


Prior to COVID, each year we had introduced new innovations and technology.  From functional glassware to in-line printing on our custom boxes.  And all throughout COVID had us scrambling to adapt to the new realities in our entire structure, we kept our plans to innovate always top of mind.  In late 2021 we introduced a new ERP that allows our customers to interact more effectively with our company.  From live inventory to incoming shipments our teams has been able to give realistic forecasts and pricing throughout the pandemic.  But we didn't stop there!  In January 2023 we will have completed the final stages of our newest automated packaging line, which will allow our lead times to shorten.  This means that customers can expect the same options in custom packaging but now the COVID 2 -3 week lead times will decrease by more than 50%.  

We understand that the last 3 years has been up and down roller coaster ride for all of us.  In light of the challenges we have faced, we dedicate ourselves to bringing back confidence and stability in every aspect that we do.  Working with all of you has been a joy, even in the most chaotic of moments.   

I look forward to the year ahead, and for the first time in years, I can say with certainty, we are ready, come what may.

Valeria Neumann

Vice-President, Stoney Creek Glass

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